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Cientos de personas pasan la cuarentena en una paradisíaca playa

Cientos de personas asistieron al Tribial Gathering, un festival de música electrónica celebrado en Playa Chiquita, Panamá se encuentran en cuarentena debido al coronavirus.

De acuerdo con las autoridades del país,  no se ha registrado ningún caso de covid-19 entre ellos y se encuentran colaborando con las diferentes embajadas implicadas para gestionar su repatriación.

El festival tenia previsto terminar el 15 de marzo, pero tuvo que ser suspendido el 12 del mismo mes debido a la crisis del coronavirus.



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Tribal Gathering Update 🙂 We arhappy to report that we have now got all the public safely off site! Many were able to secure flights before the airport closure that will go into effect tomorrow. Embassies finally started to respond and yesterday we were able to get a large group of roughly 45 britts off site with them. Albeit still chaotic at times with various authorities either not showing up in time or making triple checks on the buses of people , re checking passports and flights when information was already provided causing extra delays. We could all instantly feel the energy change as we successfully saw the 6 buses drive away from site yesterday with a total of 103 people . Finally chance for the crew to breath a big sigh of relief that there was no more bureaucratic issues. Today the German embassy came to get its last group off site of 35 people and we were able to move the remaining public off with our bus for a total of around 63 more safe. Remains here now is our amazing crew members , a group of close to 50 of us that will stay for the following 2 weeks and finish the take down of the festival. I am so so proud of all my crew who stuck by my side and were on the front lines helping all the public, to the chefs for continuing to feed us healthy food and the de-rig crew who stayed on working in the background taking the festival site down and cleaning the site. <3 Has been an incredibly challenging week but we are all in good spirits here and have become so much stronger as people and as a team here together for what we have been through . The sense of comradery here is being felt by us all, the consensus is we are all happy to be here together waiting out the storm thats going on in the outside world and in our home countries. No isolation or social distancing we get to stay in our little community and support each other in returning the site to a more pristine state than we found it in. <3 Thanks to all for your supportive comments and we hope you all have made it home safe to your families. We will still be collecting donations to help with the efforts and those who have been stranded. Please donate if you can.

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Los asistentes se han visto obligados a pasar la cuarentena en las mismas carpas instaladas por los organizadores del festival y se les ha garantizado acceso a sanitarios, agua potable y alimentos.

Según datos aportados, más de 1.000 personas asistieron al evento pero ahora hay menos personas porque se han ido a medida que cumplen sus fechas de vuelo.



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TO ALL ATTENDEES AND FOLLOWERS OF TRIBAL GATHERING: Update!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️ The government and health officials have now decided to go back to the original mandate of allowing all nationals who have entered Panama over 14 days ago to exit the location. Those who have not must remain here in quarantine on site until they reach the 14 day period which could mean people actually staying here longer than the 23rd. In the wake of the President of Panama declaring a national emergency due to COVID-19/novel coronavirus, Panama’s Minister of Health has taken the extraordinary step of ordering all Tribal Gathering guests currently on site to remain in place until March 23. However, this was NOT in response to a positive COVID-19 test. There have been ZERO cases of COVID-19 confirmed on site, nor are any suspected at this time. Nevertheless, we are complying with all orders and recommendations of the Minister of Health, as the health and safety of our guests and crew remains our top priority. We also continue to work with the embassies of our guests from outside Panama to secure their assistance and support. Please contact the embassy of your family member’s home country for further information. @usembpan @who @bbcnews @vice @viceenespanol @un_ocha @who send help! @cnn @cnnee @nytimes @forbes @nationalpost @cbsnews

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